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WE3 Expo Demo


Three years ago I had a couple of my students apply the vinyl for the giant Dragon Display. It about seven feet tall. We were trying to impress thousands of middle school and elementary school students who tour the Expo being overwhelmed by the career choices available to them here in Polk County.

 Give Kids a Smile


Every year our Dental Hygiene program, under the supervision of Mrs. Rexroat, organizes a day for local health care professionals to come to Traviss to provide free dental care to hundreds of low local income children.  Here you see Commercial Art Technology students working on traffic direction signs for the event. It is a privilege for us to work on this very worthwhile event.

Bill Duncan Opportunity Center

CD ResizedWe spend the majority of our time learning how to design and create commercially relevant computer graphics. Sometimes we get the opportunity to take those skills and apply them to some real world use.



Step 1: apply silver

This was a two step application. First we applied the silver stripe then the black text.


Step 2: apply lettering

This was a project we worked on with our Auto Collision program to referbish a tractor. The Collision Repair program repainted the body and the Commercial Art Technology program greater the graphics.

Direct Textile Screen Printing



ScreenPrintingOne of the most educationally relevant activities we work on is screen printing. Producing a marketable item, a screen printed garment, involves almost every framework in the Commercial Art Technology program: computer graphics skills, design skills, planning, math, printing technology, marketing, teamwork, communication just to name a few.

 We Would Like to Get some Shirts Printed
Custom Screen Printing
Custom Screen Printing

Over the years the Commercial Art Technology program has designed and printed numerous custom T-shirt designs for a variety of school related activities and organizations.

I’m a Brick Layer… And proud of it.IMG_1418

Some of our screen printing projects are for specialty shirts to support other programs. “I’m a Brick layer, and Proud off it!” was a phrase the Masonry program at Traviss wanted to promote. We were happy to help them with that effor.

 Traviss Welding Technology Program Promotion
Silver on Black vinyl lettering
Welding Program Custom Graphics

This is an example of a custom design created for the Welding program. This is a good example of the flexibility of digital art. The same image was used for a custom sign, T-shirt and metal sign cut with a Plasma Cutter by the Welding program. The same design could have been used for any printed material or electronic distribution.

The Flame of KnowledgeIMG_1319


IMG_1323Sometimes we take on projects that satisfy requirements for our frameworks. Airbrushing is one of the areas addressed in the course frameworks for GRA 0039. This was a fun project that satisfied those requirements for Erik here as well as provided some cool flame props for a kindergarden graduation ceremony.

Everybody wins!

Red Barron

Here Mr. Driver and crew are putting the finishing touches on the Red Barron. This was half of our 2011 Christmas float. It was a self propelled Bi-Plane mockup that chased a mobile Dog House driven by a costumed Snoopy. Although Mr. Driver deserves the credit for the lions share of the fabrication and design the Commercial Art Technology program did what we do. We created the Iron Cross graphics as well as the sign identifying Traviss. We also actually applied the red skin of the plane.

WE3 Display 2013



The decision was made at the end of last year to cut the Commercial Art Technology program at Traviss after the 2014-12015 school year. Sadly the enrollment numbers for this program did not justify the continuation of it’s existence. Because we did not want to advertise a program that would be unavailable for enrollment, the 2013 expo was the last time my program participated in this event.

I leave this program having built a vibrant Screen Printing and Sign Making enterprise that generated some variation of promotional signs, custom graphics, T-shirts or marketing materials for virtually every program on campus, and then some. Additionally we created stunning custom displays and advertising materials for the institution: news letters, catalog covers, custom logos, staff shirts, senior shirt window displays .

Commercial Art students competed in  Skills USA at the national level four years in a row and placed second in the nation at the nation in two separate categories; Screen Printing Technology and T-shirt Design.

I look forward to my next challenge. I have had an opportunity to hone my skills here at Traviss for the last eleven years as both an Educator and Graphic Artist.  I still have the same career goal that I used on my first resume after graduating from the University of Florida, all those years ago:

My goal is to work in a dynamic organization where my creative experience, technical expertise, and leadership skills can be fully utilized to further the goals of my employer.

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