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As a Commercial Artist my inspiration reaches back to those things that drove me to create art: the love of drawing, painting, design, photograph, printmaking. Sometimes, when you create art for a living, it is hard to be inspired to do it for fun. I’ve found that most professionals I know will have some additional creative outlet besides their 9 to 5. This page contains some of the work I’ve created just for the enjoyment the process.

Hidden Danger
Artist proof, 1981

Original Serigraph circa 1981. This was an artist proof of a series that I was creating. The process wound up being placed on hold. As it turns out, there is a huge investment of time and effort involved in this form of printmaking.

 The Wooden Man
Woody Kickin it
Woody Kickin it

Pencil and Chalk on toned paper, 2012.  I love Woody, he’s my favorite guy to hang with, even if he is a poser.

Crazy Arm Lady
Arms Wide Open
Arms Wide Open

Oil on canvas board, 2012. This was the first painting I did on my new easel. The easel was a great find on Craig’s List.  Hopefully my painting will improve as my easel ages.

Texture Experiment
Textural Study
Textural Study

Recently, I have been trying to spend more time painting. This is a work that is in progress. I am working with textures organized using the Golden Ratio. I recently worked with this ratio in my class using Photoshop and became interested in the mathematical construction of this well known proportion.

Shattered Dreams
Shattered Zeus
Oil Pastel

18X22 Oil Pastel on Canson drawing paper. January, 2015

Almost Art
Cubist Tubist
Cubist Tubist

Ok, well this was a T-Shirt design from 1988, and I wouldn’t really call this fine art. But as a professional artist you will sometimes try to blur the line between the commercial and the artistic. Our sales staff was a little confused when I suggested the title for this shirt be “The Cubist Tubist”.

I have always enjoyed making art for myself.  As a Commercial Artist for two and a half decades I utilized my Graphic Design and Illustration skills.  When making art for the fun of it I often turn to working in 3 Dimensions. This page shows some of the artwork I have created over the years that is more 3 Dimensional.


Dead Ursula

dead-ursulaI had half a skeleton for an entire school year and finally got a chance to use it in this Found Object piece. I had used the legs in another  work and just couldn’t bring myself to throw the torso away.

Manufacturing Prototype

IMG_10Stanley here was an experiment working with Mr. Harrell, the Welding instructor here at Traviss. This sculpture was cut on a computer controlled plasma cutter that was guided by a pattern created in Adobe Illustrator and then exported as a CAD exchange file that could be read by the plasma cutters control software. This is another example of the versatility of all digital media.


Display/Prop Fabrication

This is actually the end result of an end of the year class project I have done in the past. The last week of school is often a wasted time with students beginning to wind down. This model was created from a pattern scanned and enlarged from a model kit bought at a museum gift shop. This was a group project. I donated a few of these to our librarian who displayed them for a year then lent them to another school who lent them to another school. There is a traveling display out there somewhere. I wonder if anyone know where they originated from. Right Here!


Custom Sign

IMG_0323When I first moved to Traviss Career Center the area I moved into had formerly housed a Printing Technology program. One of the activities the previous program provided was running a copy center. I had no interest in running a copy machine all day long so after unsuccessfully trying to relocate the copy center counter I decided that the materials could be repurposed as a custom 3D sign for the new Commercial Art Technology program. Problem Solved.

Project of Shame
Media Center Hallway Sign
Media Center Hallway Sign
Display board for Media Center Postings
Display board for Media Center Postings
Detail of work in progress
Detail of work in progress

I am often asked if my program takes on the kind of custom sign fabrication I made for my own program. My typical answer is that it was a labor of love, and although I am really fond of their program, I’m just not that…

A few years ago Traviss went through a remodeling and our media center was relocated. The Media Specialist, Mrs. Sordan fabricated her own new sign. It was sad, very sad. Being very fond of Mrs. Sordan and not liking poorly crafted signage, I had my class take on creating a new sign. I would like to say it was my better nature, but I was shamed into doing it. I was glad we took this project on, eventually.



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